Mental Health Awareness Week

Cribbs is proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, which runs from 15th – 21th  May.

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event started by the Mental Health Foundation. Each year is centred around a theme and acts to inspire discussion and encourage conversation and support. The event has grown to become one of the biggest awareness weeks across the UK and also globally.

Mental Health Foundation say:

“Anxiety is a normal emotion in us all, but sometimes it can get out of control and become a mental health problem.

Lots of things can lead to feelings of anxiety, including exam pressures, relationships, starting a new job (or losing one) or other big life events. We can also get anxious when it comes to things to do with money and not being able to meet our basic needs, like heating our home or buying food.”

If you need further information or support, you can visit the Mental Health Foundation website here.

What can we do to cope with feelings of anxiety?

  • Focus on your breathing

When you’re having anxious thoughts try focusing on your breathing, concentrating on the feeling of your body as you breathe in and out. It can help you control the thought.

4-7-8 breathing technique

Some people find relaxation exercises work too, while others find mindfulness useful.

  • Exercise

Exercise is a good way of dealing with anxiety.

Try some gentle stretches, yoga, or seated exercises. Or just go for a walk. Going for a run, swimming, or taking part in a fitness class can give you something else to think about. It needs a bit of concentration, so takes your mind of the anxious thoughts. Any amount of exercise will help.

  • Spend time in nature

We know that spending time in nature has a positive impact on our mental health. It can help us feel calmer and less stressed. This can be as simple as tending some flowers in a window box or going for a walk in the woods. Any amount of time doing this is good for us, but to really get the benefit, try to spend a significant period of time – maybe an hour or longer – when you can really connect with nature and immerse yourself. Find out more about the benefits of nature.

  • Connect with people and talk about how you feel

Anxiety can feel very lonely. Connecting with other people can help a lot. Spend time with friends or meet other people through activities such as volunteering, sport or social clubs, or peer support groups. If you’re able to talk to people about how you feel, it can help to reduce your anxiety. Sometimes saying what’s worrying you out loud can take away its power over you.

Find more ways to cope with anxiety you can visit the Mental Health Foundation website here.