The seven stages of clearing out your wardrobe

by Gina Jones, 21st April 2017 | Fashion Week

It seems like a good idea at the time, but a total closet overhaul can take over your life if you’re not careful…

You’ve got a million items of clothing and still can’t find anything to wear - we’ve all been there. After OD’ing on too many repeats of Gok’s Fashion Fix and flicking through the Sunday Style pages, tackling your mountain of clothes might be an attractive prospect, but stop and think about what you’re doing, for the love of fashion! Here are the seven stages you’re likely to go through…

1) Inspiration

‘Grazia’s just published a piece on capsule wardrobes. I could SO do that. Wouldn’t it be great if all my clothes could be mixed and matched?’


2) Hope

‘This is going to be fabulous. I’m going to look just like Olivia Palermo. I’ll be so frickin’ classy…’


3) Zeal

‘Ok, WWOD (What Would Olivia Do?) She’d throw out this for a start. And this. And this. And these…basically everything in here!’


4) Self-delusion

‘This is really good for me. I’ve totally feng-shui’d my wardrobe. I am the master of fashion zen right now…


5) Despair

‘Oh crap. I’ve given everything to the charity shop but still haven’t had a chance to replace it. What do I wear to work today? This Halloween costume will do…’


6) Panic buying

‘Ok. I have literally nothing left to wear. Must. Fill. Wardrobe. I’ll take ten of these T shirts, and six pairs of these jeans. And these furry loafers, just because…’


7) Actual shopping

‘All I have are T shirts, jeans and furry shoes now. I need to do a proper re-stock. Time to make a list and hit the shops in earnest’.


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