Five things you learn about fashion after having a baby

by Gina Jones, 24th April 2017 | Fashion Week

Even the most dedicated fashion lovers often find that their personal style changes once they’ve had a baby. It’s just, like, the law of fashion, ok?

Ah fashion. That thing we spend all our money on and can rely on to make us feel better, even on the worst hair day. It’s never let us down before, right? When you have a baby though, all the usual ‘rules’ go out of the window and you suddenly look at clothing in a new way. Here a few things we’ve learnt since we added a 'plus one' to our lives.

1) Leggings ARE a legitimate fashion item


How did we not know this before? All the time we spent telling ourselves that leggings aren’t trousers and worrying about camel toe was wasted - we realise that now. They’re so comfy, you can throw them on under almost anything, and they’re easy to crawl around the floor in, which is something you end up doing a lot once your baby becomes mobile. Plus, athleisure is totally a ‘thing’ right now so they are actually on trend.

2) ‘Wipe clean, you say? We’ll take ten!’


Pre-baby we didn’t mind the odd ‘dry clean only’ label, but nowadays those items are languishing at the back of the wardrobe because most days we barely have time to eat breakfast, let alone drop off dry cleaning! Basically, if it can’t go in the washing machine, it’s not worth having. End of.

3) Size doesn’t matter


We used to obsess over the number in our clothes label, religiously sticking to the same size and avoiding stores that are not so generous, where we might need to go up a size. Nowadays, we don’t have time for all that drama. Our basic checklist runs something like this: 1) does it cover my bum and belly? 2) do I still look pregnant in it? 3) is it within my budget? As long as your answers are yes, no and yes (in that order) then that item is a winner, nevermind the size on the label. Heck, we’d cut the label out if we could be bothered.

4) Patterns are the new black


When you spend most of your life covered in baby sick, you get pretty good at covering it up. We used to think black was the most practical colour, but since baby milk sick is white and shows up even more when you wear black, it’s not such a hot look on us these days. Patterns are great for hiding those yucky stains – at least until you get home and can strip off and wander around in your bra again. Sooo much more comfy!

5) It's all about easy access


Remember those lovely high-necked dresses and T shirts? Yeah, say goodbye to those for now because you won’t be wearing them for a while if you’re breastfeeding. Nowadays it’s all about easy access, so you’ll need button down shirts, wrap dresses and basically any item that allows you to whip your baps out at a moment’s notice. Ooo-er!

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