How to tie dye your clothes...

If you’re feeling bored in the house and in the house bored, why not get creative by creating your very own tie dye item! If you’re into fashion, you’ve probably noticed that tie dye is everywhere you look, so we’re going to tell you how you can do it yourself…

Step 1 – Grab what you need

You’ll need these items:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubber bands or hair ties
  • Plastic spray bottles or squeeze bottles
  • Dye or bleach
  • The item you want to tie-dye (t-shirt, socks, joggers etc.)


In need of an item to tie dye, here’s some items you can buy:

  • Black textured panel seamless sports bra from New Look- £12.99
  • Pure cotton crew neck T-shirt from Marks & Spencer - £6
  • Fluorescent Lilac Joggers from Topshop - £25.99


Step 2 - Prepare you area

You want to begin by making sure you have a clear area, so grab an old sheet, towel, bin liner, or anything you don’t mind getting dye on.  


Step 3 – Choose your design

Creating a spiral

This is one of the easiest tie-dye techniques, so don’t worry you don’t need to be a pro. To begin lay your item out flat on table or worktop, then place your thumb and index finger in the centre of the item and start moving them in a circular motion, spiraling the clothing around the centre point.

Once you’ve spiralled the entire item, you’ll want to grab your elastic bands or hair ties to secure your spiral. If you’d like to create a more complex pattern use more ties around the item.


Creating stripes

Lay your item out flat and then roll it from the bottom hem all the way to the neck, you should end up with a long tube. Then use your ties to wrap loops around the item, if you only want a few stripes, space the ties out and use less, and for lots of stripes use a 12 or more.

If you roll the item upwards it will create vertical stripes, and if you want horizontal stripes, roll the item left to right and place ties along that direction.


Creating polka dots

Take your item and begin pinching sections and then place a tie on each. If you want to create smaller dots, only leave a bit of fabric out and then to create larger dots place the tie further down, so that more of fabric sticks out.


Step 4 – Start adding your dye

Start to soak or spray your item with the colours of your choice. If you’d like a monochrome look you can dilute your dye with water before applying it to your item!


Step 5 – Let that dye soak

Place your item into a plastic bag and let it soak for up to 1 hour (if you’d like the colour lighter) and up 24 hours (for the deepest colour). If you’re going for pastels you’ll want to leave it for 2 hours.


Step 6 – Rinse it out

Undo all of your ties on the item and rinse it under cold water until it begins to run clear, then throw it into the your washing machine on the cold water setting and wait for it to finish. If you’d like to double check the dye has completely run out you can wash it again with a bit of soap to help get rid of any dye that may have gone inside the machine.


Step – Dry and show it off!

Now just leave your item to dry and then once dry show off your creation with pride!

We’d love to see what you come up with so don’t forget to tag us!


Here’s a video on how to do some other styles which you may find useful: