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Winter Wonderland FAQs

Winter Wonderland FAQs

If you have a question about Winter Wonderland that is not answered on this page or the Winter Wonderland event page please email winterwonderland@mallcribbs.com

Please note ice skating can be hazardous. All visitors are reminded that they skate at their own risk.


How much is a ticket to Santa's Ice Castle?
Tickets cost £7.50 per child and include a gift.

Why can I only book a maximum of two family tickets at one time?
We limit the party sizes to ensure that we are able to manage queues efficiently. If you would like to book for a large group, please call our ticket office on 0208 1333 143 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. 

Can I book Santa's Ice Castle on behalf of another family?
You can book tickets on behalf of another family however each family booking will need to be processed separately. Each booking allows two family members to attend so multiple families will need multiple separate bookings.

How do we receive our tickets?
E-tickets are issued to the email address that is provided at the time of booking. Please print off the e-tickets and present them to the staff at the Skate Exchange/Ice Castle, or show them on your phone before entering.

Can we buy tickets on the day?
Tickets may be purchased from the Winter Wonderland ticket office (subject to availability).

What activities am I able to book in advance?
Guests are able to reserve slots for the Ice Rink and Santa’s Ice Castle

Can I show my tickets on my phone?
Yes, you can show tickets either on your phone or printed off.

Can we book over the phone?
Yes, you can call the ticket line on 0208 133 3143.

Can we add additional attendees to our booking?
Online bookings cannot be amended once they have been made. You can place an additional order for the extra ticket(s) or purchase them on the day at the ticket office.

Can we change the time / date of our booking?
In special circumstances, our staff are able to change the time / date to any other available slot. If you have pre booked online you need to call the ticket line on 0208 1333 143.

What if I have a booking and can’t make it?
All bookings are non-refundable, but can be transferred on an alternative session when requested in advance. Please email winterwonderland@mallcribbs.com or call the ticket line on 02081333143

How many does there need to be in my group to qualify for the group rate?
There must be 10 or more in a group.


Can I get the School/Community group discount at the ticket office?
Yes, you just need to bring some ID with you to show you from a school /community group organisation. Please note the code will only work online (via mallcribbs.com) for ice skating sessions that are Monday through to Friday between 19th November – 21st December.

I want to book a group, can I provisionally book and pay on the day?
Unfortunately we cannot reserve tickets but you can purchase tickets on the day at the ticket office or pre-pay in advance online.


Where is are the Ice Rink and Santa's Castle located?
The Ice Rink and Enchanted Ice Castle are located outside the main entrance to The Mall in Car Park C

Where can I park?
The Mall has over 7000 free parking spaces that can be used during the event. For the closest car park, look for car park B, C and D. Disabled and Parent and Child parking are available in the nearest car parks.

I don’t have a car – where is the nearest public transport?
The Mall is easily accessible by public transport. Bristol Parkway is the nearest railway station. There are bus and taxi services to the Mall.

Do I have to pay to spectate? 
The viewing area is free to access, so come along and watch your group skating.

Are there any age limits on the ice rink?
There is no minimum age for children although those under the age of 12 should be supervised by a responsible adult. Children under the age of 3 often do not have the necessary motor skills or strength for the activity. Teachers do not have to be on the ice with the children as long as they are present in a supervisory role.

Are there toilet facilities at the Ice Rink? 
The nearest toilets are located inside the Mall at Car Park B. There are baby changing facilities near all the toilets in the mall.

Is there food at the Ice Rink? 
There are cabins selling hot food and drink at the event. There are also cafes and restaurants inside the Mall. 

Are there lockers for belongings at the Winter Wonderland?
No there are no lockers provided and the Winter Wonderland staff are not permitted to look after any belongings. 

Is there somewhere to leave bags and coats?
No, there are no storage facilities on site.

Where can I collect lost property?
Lost property will be held at the Mall central lost property. If you think you have lost something you can speak to the Ice Rink Manger at the ice rink.


How much do ice skating tickets cost?

Adult peak £9.00

Child peak £7.00

Adult off peak £6.50

Child off peak £5.50

Please see our ticketing site for peak and off peak times and to book your chosen slot.

How early should I arrive before my skating slot?
Please arrive 30 minutes before your session. We are expecting it to be very busy, so to ensure you receive your full 45 minutes on the ice, you need to allow plenty of time to collect your skates and allow time for fitting. If you have pre-booked your skating tickets online, you can take them straight to the skate exchange.

How long do I get to skate for?
Each skating session lasts 45 minutes, starting on the hour with a 15 minute interval between skating sessions to monitor the ice and resurface if required. 

How long will I have to queue?
Queueing time will depend on how busy the ice rink is at the time. Naturally, you will expect to queue for longer during weekends and the school holidays. The staff will be working their hardest to ensure you are dealt with promptly.

What should I wear / bring with me?
You should bring gloves, wear cotton sports socks and a change of clothing in case you get wet.

Do you have first aid on site if I have an accident while I am skating? 
There will be a medic available at all times.

Can we reserve our skates?
You do not need to reserve skates; you can collect them from skate exchange when you arrive.

What size skates do you have?
Our skates come in sizes 7 – 2 for children, and 3 – 15 for adults. In the unlikely event that we do not have your size for your session, we will offer you an alternative time. For children with shoes smaller than a 7, our adjustable over the shoe skate will fit most children down to the smallest sizes. 

Do I pay extra for skates?
Skate hire is included in the ticket price and there are ice skates available from child size 7 to adult size 15. For the younger skaters (smaller than child size 7) we offer “Bob Skates” which clip onto small children’s shoes to allow them to skate without the need for skating boots.

Can I bring my own skates? 
Yes, you can bring your own skates but there will be no reduction in cost.

Can I wear my boots or street shoes on the ice? 
No. All persons must be wearing skates at all times while on the ice, even if assisting young children.

Can I rent the entire rink?
Please contact winterwonderland@mallcribbs.com for more information

Do you have any tips for beginners?
Keep your knees bent and your weight forward, which helps you to balance.

If you're having trouble keeping your weight forward, put your hands on your knees. 

First, try taking small steps on your skates. Then, gradually try gliding with each step.

Keep your head up when you're skating. Be confident and enjoy yourself.

If you're having difficulty, stay near the side so you can hold on if you need to, or skate with a friend until you gain confidence on the ice. Our friendly ice marshals are there to help, so please ask them for assistance. 


Can you skate in the rain?

The rink can operate in nearly all weather conditions. This is an outdoor event and no refunds will be given due to inclement weather. In the unlikely event that the Ice Rink Manager deems it necessary to close the ice rink for safety reasons, alternative sessions will be offered for skating (subject to availability). Surface water on the ice rink will not affect skating, although you may feel damp if you fall over!

Will sessions be cancelled in bad weather?
The rink operates in most weather conditions. Please bring suitable outdoor clothes as you may get wet. This is an outdoor event and no refunds will be given due to bad weather. In the unlikely event that the ice rink has to close, skaters will be offered an alternative session. 

If the weather is really bad, how do I know if the ice rink is open?
The contact telephone number for the ice rink is 0117 9044155 or call the ticket line on 02081333143

What happens if a session is cancelled?
In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a session or close, skaters will be offered an alternative session.

When is the ice checked to ensure it is safe?
The ice is checked prior to opening and between every session and where appropriate the ice resurfacing machine will be deployed. It must be noted the resurfacer does not have the ability to collect water. All resurfacer drivers have undertaken training by an authorised trainer. Any questions relating to ice maintenance or ice conditions, improper use of the resurfacer or any queries relating to this should be addressed to Ian Tregaskis ian@khaosworld.com.

If the ice is wet is it still safe?
The Winter Wonderland is an open air ice rink and we will stay open in nearly all weathers, however in poor weather conditions the ice surface may become wet. The Winter Wonderland ice rink is run by professional ice technicians and will remain open in all weathers whilst it is safe to do so.

Will the rink stay open if it is raining or windy?
The Winter Wonderland is an outdoor rink and stays open in most weather conditions, including rain, although in the event of high winds we may choose to temporarily suspend skating. 



Are we able to hire the seal skate aids?

The skate aids cannot be reserved in advance, but are available on the day on a strictly first come first served basis, at a cost of £4 per seal. You can purchase them at the Winter Wonderland Ticket Office. If you feel that you will be unable to participate without the use of a skate aid, and are buying tickets on the day, please check availability from the Box Office before you book your tickets, as refunds will not be offered. 

Is there an age limit for skate aids?
Yes, these are for younger skaters aged 8 and under. They are designed for novice skaters to help them make their first steps memorable ones. The child can of course be pushed on the skate aid, but they are not designed to be exclusively push along rides.  Skate aids are not recommended for use by toddlers and babies whose feet do not reach the floor when sitting on the aid and they may be removed by a steward if it is felt that the child is in danger, without refund. Inappropriate use of a skate aid may result in it being removed or the skater being ejected from the ice without refund.

When can I hire a skate aid?
Skate aids can be purchased at any time of the day at the ticket office, please note they cannot be booked in advance. Tickets may be exchanged but refunds cannot be given on the grounds of a seal not being available. 
Purchasing a ticket in advance does not guarantee the availability of a skate aid. 


The rink is a wheelchair friendly area. Visitors with specific requirements please contact winterwonderland@mallcribbs.com and we can assist in helping to plan your visit.

Manual wheelchairs are permitted on the ice, but no electric versions due to weight loading and control issues. 

I am in a wheelchair – how do I book a slot?
Wheelchair users are very much welcomed. Please e-mail us at winterwonderland@mallcribbs.com to discuss your requirements and our team will be pleased to help. Normal off peak / peak charges will apply and your carer will go for free. If you have a wheelchair group, call the ticket line on 0208 133 3143 and the team will be pleased to help.


How long before my allotted time should I arrive at The Ice Castle?

You should arrive 5 minutes before your time slot and walk straight to the Ice Castle entrance

How long will the visit with Santa last?
The Ice Castle experience lasts approximately 20 minutes and the one to one visit with Santa will last approx. 2.5 minutes

Will Santa give away a toy?
Santa will be giving away a beautiful bespoke plush gift to all children who have purchased an Ice Castle ticket. This toy will suit all ages and abide by CE standards

How many tickets can I book at a time for the Ice Castle?
You may book up to 4 children with two free adults to accompany them. An additional adult tickets may be purchased for £1 each. Larger groups will need to be booked through the admiticket Help Desk, please call them on 02081333143 to make your booking.

How long will I have to queue at The Ice Castle?
If you arrive with your ticket (5mins before your slot) you will enter The Ice Castle walkway where you will be greeted by an Ice Guard and you will begin your Ice Castle experience

How many children can see Santa at once?
4 children can visit Santa at once with up to 2 accompanying adults.

Will my child have a one to one visit or a group visit?
Your child will have a one to one visit with you or the group that you have attended the Ice Castle with.

Will Santa be made aware of my child’s additional needs and act accordingly if necessary?
Yes, if you enter the details of your child’s additional needs when booking your tickets, our staff will be made aware via our admiticket and box office technology.

Will a photo be taken of my child’s visit?
Yes, a photograph will be taken during the visit with Santa. Your child’s photo can be purchased in the following photo media:

Photo mounts with URL £6.00

Snow globe with photo £9.00

Christmas tree bauble with photo £8.00

Key ring with photo £5.00

Fridge magnet with photo £5.00

Glitter frame with photo £12

There are also packages available:

Package A: 2 photos with mounts £10

Package B: Photo with mount and bauble £12

Package C: 1 photo with mount and bauble and snow globe £20

Am I able to re-order my photo during the event?
Yes, you will be supplied with a unique number on a card and this will enable you to purchase more photos if you desire. Should you lose the card, you may still be able to purchase additional photos at the event onsite. Please visit the photo sales point and provide the staff with the date and time of your visit. Please be advised that in order to purchase a photo the person purchasing / collecting the photo must be visible in the picture.

Can I take photos inside the Ice Castle?
Santa is notoriously camera shy, so there is no guest photography permitted inside the castle.