Easter treats at Lush

Easter treats at Lush

This Easter, Lush sees the great comeback of some old favourites such as Golden Egg bath bomb melt, The Carrots reusable bubble bar and Which Came First bath bomb ... but there's also some new inventions for extra special Springtime lathers, including a seasonal spinner and naked shower cream. A naked and packaging free-range, save on your plastic waste this Easter.

Bunch of carrots bubble bar £6.50

Golden Egg bath melt £4.95

For your own little April showers (or rather baths), drop this fizzer into hot water and clear your cloudy skies with cedarwood and cypress oils. As the softening Fair Trade cocoa butter raindrops melt away, tonka absolute comes out to play with fresh violet leaf absolute. Drip, drip, drop, when your mood is cloudy, this pretty veagn bath bomb will brighten the day.

April showers bath bomb £3.95
Cream egg bubbleroon £3.95
If you're looking for a cracking good bath, a Cream Egg is the way to go. As you crumble this mint-chocolate scented bubbleroon under running water, Fair Trade organic cocoa and Fair Trade shea butters melt, turning the water into an irresistibly softening, sweet lagoon. Spearmint tones the skin and refreshes your mood as you soak, making you feel eggsellent. If you're feeling blue, scramble this speckled egg for bright neon water.
Free Rangers bath bomb, £6.95
Top or bottom? A bit of both? Whichever part you go for, bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute ensure you're in for some fresh handlaid fun. Peck from three different options, and settle down for some well deserved roost and re-coop-eration!
Wash behind your ears shampoo bar £6.50
No matter whether they're long or short, stand upright or lop, make sure you wash behind them with this shampoo bar! Detoxifying carrot and cleansing lemon oils leave you with hair that shines as bright as your eyes. Cider vinegar helps to cleanse and balance scalps, while lemon myrtle oil will have you hopping for joy. Lather up in the hands or directly on the hair, it only takes a couple of strokes of this bright bunny to get shiny happy hair.

Poisson D'Avril bubble bar £5.95
It's no joke that this little fishy will help to banish the winter blues. Warming cinnamon leaf and spicy black pepper oils sweep away any lingering chills. If you have a chip on your shoulder or a fish on your back, crumble this bubble bar fool of neroli oil into running water to feel bright and uplifted. Woody oakmoss absolute gently cleanses skin and grounds scattered minds amongst bright orange bubbles. Le poisson, le poisson how you'll love le poisson!

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