Mother's Day at Lush

Mother's Day at Lush It's that time of the year again to say thank you to all of those superhero mums. What better way than a gorgeous range packed to the brim with floral tones and sensational lathers that will spoil mamas worldwide and give them the pamper they deserve. Oh and by the way, the range is naked and self-preserving too!

Mother of Pearl bubbleroon £4.75
This marbled Mother of Pearl bubbleroon is a mood brightening jasmine and orange flower concoction, designed to relax help you to float away on a floral breeze. Run under the bath tap for a silky smooth bathing experience.
Raspberry Milkshake soap, £6.95
Lather up with this delicious raspberry milkshake soap which includes raspberry seeds to buff and brighten the skin. Almond milk cools and softens and vanilla absolute and davana oil keeps things sweet. No straw required!
Purple Loosestrife soap, £5.95
Lemon Zest soap, £5.95
Using a 3D printer to design the moulds, Lush are utilising all the tools at their fingertips to create new and innovative soaps with intricate details. Shaped to fit into the palm of your hand, these soaps stir the senses and incite a sensational floral experience in your bathroom.

These new soaps are made with Lush's unique universal soap base that cannot be found anywhere else! Completely palm oil-free, self-preserving and naked, Lush is, as always, encouraging people to ditch the bottle. Purple Loosestrife contains rose, hibiscus and lavender syrups, whilst Lemon zest is as zingy and awakening as you would expect!
Incredible Mum bath bomb £3.95
We all know mums are superheroes, so treat her to this yummy bath bomb, gifting her a little time to relax and unwind. Mood brightening bergamot and ylang ylang bring her back to her best - after all, she is a Wonder Woman. Shop the Mother's Day range at Lush here at The Mall.