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Fashion, Beauty and Colour Blindness

Fashion, Beauty and Colour Blindness Shopping for new clothes and makeup is always fun. But for people living with colour blindness, it can be far from easy. Making the right choice, knowing that it suits you and, importantly, that it’ll definitely work with other pieces in your wardrobe or items in your makeup bag is hard when you can’t see true colours.

Colour blindness affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. There are around 2.7 colour blind people in the UK, mostly male. Prince William is colour blind, as is Eddie Redmayne.


Beyond the UK, you can add Bill Clinton, Keanu Reeves and Mark Zuckerberg to the list. Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg has a red-green colour blindness. In an interview with New Yorker magazine, he revealed that “blue is the richest colour for me — I can see all of blue.


Google his image and you’ll see him wearing a grey t-shirt in almost all of them.  So how do you go about making the right beauty and make up choices if you’re colour blind? Here are our top tips.


1. Ask for Help

The Mall is full of stores with expert staff really happy to help you. Make the most of personal shopper services where they’re available and ask for help at beauty counters. Be honest about your colour blindness and the challenges you have.

2. Take a friend shopping

Take someone whose opinion you really trust with you – ideally someone you think always looks good!  They will be able to give you an honest view on what suits you – and you can stop off for coffee or food together after your retail therapy.   

3. Look at product reviews

You can often tell a lot more about a product by reading the views of other shoppers – particularly where products have hard to interpret names like ‘stone’ or ‘flamingo’. Comments will often include things like ‘redder than I thought’ that give you a better idea of shades and tones.

4. Learn what suits you

Another one for our experts at The Mall. Choose your favourite retailers and use their beauty and style consultants to understand your skin tone and find out what colours work for you. Wearing the right colours can make you look healthier and feel more confident.

Of course, you don’t need to be colour blind to take advantage of these brilliant services. We’ve got great fashion and beauty advice for everyone. Make the most of it!
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