Access All Areas

Access All Areas

We believe in #FashionForEveryone. So this season’s Bristol Fashion Week is our most inclusive and accessible ever.

For the first time ever, each show during Bristol Fashion Week will have an induction loop for people with hearing aids and be translated for a deaf audience by a sign language interpreter, using British Sign Language (BSL).

Deafness is the third most common disability in the world. According to the British Deaf Association, there are around 9 million people in the UK who are deaf or hard of hearing.

BSL was recognised by the government as a language in its own right in March 2003, and is now the first or preferred language for around 70,000 deaf people in the UK.

BSL combines hand gestures, facial expressions and body language to communicate.

While you might think sign language is the same all over the world, BSL is a distinct language with its own sentence structure and grammar rules.  It’s totally different to other sign languages like American Sign Language or Japanese Sign Language.

The sentence structure is very different to spoken British language too.  While you would say “what is your name?” in spoken English, a BSL user would sign, “your name, what?”

You can find out more about the British Deaf Association and their campaign to get British Sign Language more widely recognised at

Tickets for the first ever sign language interpreted Bristol Fashion Week are still available. Book online now.