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Bristol Fashion Week AW17: Top Hair Trends with G&T

If you spent this summer watching 50 shades and sipping on your rainbow frappe, you will know that the summer was all about colour, and it’s exactly the same story when it comes to hair.

Pink and grey became the new neutrals (no longer colours to point and stare at) and who would have thought that bright yellow would become the hottest micro trend on the block? It’s still in style….so take the plunge if you’re feeling brave!

This fall, we are embracing all the colours of autumn in a fun new way. Fiery reds are melting into bright coppers. Coppers are shimmering into gold, and blackberry and midnight blue are the new black. Shades are moving away from the colours of the rainbow and into the melt.


It’s a colourful evolution; from the summery balayage blonde into richer, deeper tones.

But at a time when you can change your hair colour almost as often as you change your nail polish how do you stop this seasons Instatrend turning into an Instamess?

The secret is respecting your hair. Trusting your colour to professionals who put the condition of your hair first because healthy shiny hair will always be the number one hair trend. Turn heads this season with show stopping colour, applied beautifully by the experts.