Hot Drops: Tree of Love at Thomas Sabo

Hot Drops: Tree of Love at Thomas Sabo The new Tree of Love range by Thomas Sabo is full of captivating and beautiful pieces, representing an unbreakable bond and full of deep symbolism. Available in a range of beautiful colours and designs, the new pieces are truly captivating thanks to its intricate detailing and symbolic meanings.
A range that perfectly represents the unbreakable bond between not only others, but everything around you, the new Tree of Love range is crafted from 925 Sterling silver or 18k rose gold plating and includes feminine pieces such as necklaces, pendants, Karma Beads, bracelets and even charms.  
The key focal point of the collection are the jaw dropping necklaces and pendants, complete with beads in stunning rose quartz and jasper beads. The rose quartz bead symbolises unconditional love, whilst the jasper beads known as the “Supreme nurturer”, perfectly ties in with the Tree of Love theme.

Often referred to as the Tree of Life, Thomas Sabo have given the Tree of Love a new meaning, incorporating the love of friends, family and the beauty of life itself into stunning jewellery pieces.  The tree has roots that reach deeply into the soil, connecting it to Mother Earth from which it takes the nourishment. The leaves and branches extend into the sky, accepting the energy radiating from the Sun who transforms the nourishment into vital energy. 

The Tree of Love range is available both in store and online at
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