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Fountain Fund Charity

The Mall's Fountain Charity Fund

The Mall established The Fountain Charity Fund in March 2003. Administered by the Quartet Community Foundation, it provides grants to charitable organisations within a 25 mile radius of The Mall. All the money thrown into The Mall's fountain by shoppers - around £10,000 a year - provides the bulk of money in the Fountain Fund. The Fund will also be supplemented with proceeds from a range of fund-raising activities at The Mall.

Charity Collections
The Mall hosts a maximum of two charity collections in the centre each month, with the exception of November and December when we have carol singers and other seasonal activities. Due to the number of requests we receive, we ask charities to write to us in the first instance. Preference is given to local charities. Please write to The Marketing Department, Management Offices, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS34 5DG.

National Charitable Events
The Mall supports national charitable events such as Red Nose Day, Children in Need and the Poppy Appeal. Many of our retailers actively support these events with their own in-store fund-raising activities.




The Mall at Cribbs Causeway's Fountain Fund, established in March 2003, supports local charities and community projects. Since then, grants have been awarded to a wide variety of deserving causes to benefit the young and old, the disadvantaged, disabled, bereaved and those providing valuable community facilities and services.

The fountain in the centre of The Mall has had a magnetic appeal for children since the shopping centre opened in 1998. Kids of all ages love to watch the fountain and carry on the age old tradition of throwing coins into the water for luck. And not just a few coins - enough to fill four large black domestic wheelie bins every month. That's £10,000 of coins every year!

Collecting the Coins out of the Fountain
Once a month, on a Sunday evening when The Mall has closed the Mall team set to work collecting the thousands of coins from the fountain. After draining the water from the fountain, they use heavy-duty wet vacuum cleaners to suck up the coins and transfer them into big black wheelie bins. The team then lay out the coins on large dust sheets to dry for up to a week before they are counted up into money bags ready for banking.

For the first five years of The Mall's life, local scout groups helped Mall staff empty the coins from the fountain, drying, bagging and then banking the proceeds to help pay for the new equipment they needed. It was hard work and they earned every penny!

How it all began
In March 2003, The Mall decided to make the money collected from the fountain available to a wider group of worthwhile organisations within a 25 mile radius of The Mall, and established its Fountain Fund.

Since then its Fountain Fund has given away over £100,000 to good causes in the local community. The charity is administered by the Quartet Community Foundation which manages and distributes charitable funds on behalf of individuals, companies and organisations in the West of England.

The Mall meets with Quartet once a year to review the grant applications. Looking for organisations where a small amount of money can make a big difference means The Mall can help a larger number of organisations whilst making a substantial difference to the local community.

So what happens to the money that is so generously donated by Mall shoppers?
Over the years The Mall's Fountain Fund has helped hundreds of local groups in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Whether large or small, the grants help local voluntary organisations carry out vital community initiatives. Every March charity representatives are invited to attend a tea party at The Mall to receive their cheques.

"We are always amazed and impressed by the huge variety of extremely worthwhile voluntary projects going on around us," says Maria Crayton, Head of Marketing at The Mall. "It gives us enormous pleasure to be able to use the money donated by shoppers to support such worthwhile causes."

Quartet Community Foundation says: "The Fountain Fund is a wonderful example of how local people carrying out simple tasks like shopping can take part in helping local communities grow stronger. All your pennies, made into small grants, truly do make a huge difference to the lives of local people in need."

Applying for a Grant
If you are part of a charity, organisation or community group that could benefit from a grant, please complete a Grant Application Form.

The Mall welcomes applications from small local charities, voluntary and community groups where a small amount of money can make a difference.

Applicants must be based and working within a 25 mile radius of the Mall at Cribbs Causeway.

Your organisation does not need to be a registered charity, as long as the work you do has charitable aims and you have a constitution or set of rules and a management committee.

For more information please read our Grant Guidelines Document.



2014 Grant Recipients

We are delighted to offer grants to the following organisations:

Bath Gateway out & About
Providing social and leisure activities for individuals 18 years and over who either have a learning disability are disabled, or both. Activities are undertaken out & about in the community and enable our members to take part in a range of age appropriate experiences helping them with their life skills, raising their self esteem, building their confidence and developing their friendships. The aim is to integrate them into society as much as possible dependent upon individual abilities. They would like to use their grant for the training and recruitment of volunteers for this club.

The UK's leading centre for contemporary circus and physical theatre. They deliver relevant, extensive and innovative training through part time and full time accredited courses, and offer a wide programme of opportunities and resources to local communities through their vibrant artist, community, youth, outreach work. They provide a welcoming and inspiring space for cultural entertainment, development, learning and participation for all at their Portland Square site and excellent facilities for circus training at Kingswood which are unparalleled in South West England. Throughout Circomedia's year-round programme of training, events and opportunities, the organisation engages audiences in the physical, creative and social learning opportunities presented by contemporary circus skills and performance. We seek to remain responsive to the needs of the communities in which our two sites sit, and are committed to supporting those most in need. They would like to use their grant towards the cost of delivering a monthly inclusion programme for families with disabled children.

Mothers for Mothers
A post natal illness support charity originally founded in 1981 by a group of local mother suffering from PNI, who felt there was little support available to them. They became a registered charity in 1993, and work with mothers living in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. They support women suffering from post natal illness by manning a national helpline, Monday to Thursday 2.30pm-9.30pm. They support any women with a child aged 3 or under (in practice the age of the child when mum present is on average four months old). Their trained volunteers also make weekly support calls to local women who request this service. They hold two weekly support groups for mums and babies in Barton Hill and Bedminster. They also offer low cost counselling with two student counsellors and run training programmes for health professionals and counsellors, teaching about the signs and symptoms of PNI and how to supporting women with PNI. They would like to use their grant to fund a play worker for this support group for women who have experienced post natal depression.

Nailsea Disability Initiative
Aims to support elderly and disabled people in North Somerset by: Promoting their care, welfare and education; Providing information and advice on issues relating to disability; Helping them access the welfare benefits to which they are entitled; Improving their quality of life; Championing Access Issues. The aims are met through: Opening an office and drop-in information & advice centre four days a week in Nailsea; Provide help and info via telephone email and website; Offering home visits to those unable to attend drop in centre; Approaching services, leisure venues, shops etc. on behalf of clients where access has been an issue and offering businesses access audits, staff disability training and general advice; Offering schools lessons covering the issues facing disabled people. Many of their volunteers are disabled themselves using the volunteering opportunity to build confidence with a view to returning to paid work in the future. They will be using their grant towards the running costs of this advice and drop-in centre for disabled individuals.

South Glos Parents and Carers CIC
Started as a group of committed parents coming together with a strong desire to improve the lives of all families in S Glos with children with additional needs or a disability. They are established to ensure that efficient and appropriate services are available to S. Glos. children/young adults (0-25yrs) in order to enable them to reach their full potential. As a parent/carer led organisation, they represent the views and experiences of families and represent the collective voice of parents within the local area creating a community network amongst our families. They have naturally started to develop a network of support for families to reduce isolation and help to increase confidence/information and resilience within families. Their  long term vision is to create a Hub so that parents have a first point of contact for emotional support and signposting. They plan to provide Information and emotional support and to signpost families to relevant specialist help. They will be using their grant to help with the running costs of parent led support group sessions for the families of children with additional needs and disabilities.

Shirehampton Community Action Forum
SCAF is a small, grass-roots not for profit community organisation working in Shirehampton, North West Bristol within Avonmouth ward with approx. 6,800 residents. Their overall aim is to improve the quality of life for all living and/or working in Shirehampton. They do this through the activities of our Full Forum & Action groups which work in strong & effective partnerships with BCC, Statutory agencies, Police, local community & voluntary sector groups, schools, churches and our Local Councillors. They work to address key issues affecting the community under the broad scope of Community Safety, Youth Support, Planning & Development Environment. AS SCAF they deliver most of their BCC Neighbourhood Partnership agenda for Shirehampton through their Community Safety Action Group and Full Forum Meetings. They give all residents the opportunity to express their views & work together within effective partnerships to address local issues. We are an open and democratic organisation. They will be using their grant to help towards the cost of a programme of door to door afternoon community bus shopping trip for isolated older people.

Julian House
Provide residential support for people in recovery from addiction who would otherwise be homeless or in prison. Their clients have lost everything because of their addiction and most have associated mental and physical health problems. Jullian House offers a structured two year abstinence-based programme. Their residents commit to make radical changes in their lives and Julian House help them develop the tools and skills to bring this about. They are based in Bristol and  residents are referred to them from prisons across the UK, Local and national treatment services, related agencies or self referrals. They offer a safe, supportive and very comfortable home to 17 single adults at any one time: 5 in their 5-bedroom staffed house which develops core independent living skills, and 12 in one of three 4-bed move-on houses. Over the past 14 years Julian House has helped over 780 people recover from their addictions and move on to live fulfilling and independent lives. Last year 43 people benefited from the St Vincent’s approach, with 19 making a successful addiction free move ons. They will be using their grant for fees associated with 13 individuals recovering from addiction attending a treatment programme.

Amberley Road Church Women's Group
The group supports older local women by running social activity sessions, they will be using their grant to help towards the running costs of this social support group for older people.

Family Centre (Deaf Children)
Bringing together families living with deafness - those with a deaf child or deaf parent. They organise family activities throughout the year at weekends and in school holidays and welcome the whole family. There is an activity every month, and every activity is designed to engage and include all the children, whether they use British Sign Language (BSL), are oral, or hearing siblings. They send a weekly email newsletter with local and national news and events, as well as information about their activities. Family Centre runs a range of family friendly BSL courses and workshops so the whole family can try the language and develop their skills - they can even support learning in the home. They run a youth club for deaf young people aged 11+ with weekly activities during term time and summer holiday activities - sessions include, sport, creative, trips and workshops. They will be using their grant to run additional youth club sessions for deaf children aged 8-10.

Swan Advice Network
Swan exists to relieve need and hardship amongst people in Bath and North East Somerset and surrounding areas by providing a range of advice, information and access services. Their main activities are a community transport service using volunteer car drivers, a housing advice service, money mentoring, and the administration of the Bath and District Deposit Bond Scheme which enables people without enough money for a deposit to enter the private rented sector. They will be using their grant to go towards the cost of a Coordinater for the group's Access to Health transport service isolated people with health issues.

Kingsmeadow Community Flat
Activate a sense of community leading to reduction in isolation and increased sense of pride. Develop cross generational relationships across the community leading to improved understanding-improving community cohesion. Increase skills and educational attainment of local residents leading to enhanced work related opportunities. Provide a focus for the community and for agencies wishing to engage with the community-building trust & bridging the gap. Improve health and wellbeing of all residents. Raise the profile of the area externally -reducing misunderstandings and negative perceptions about the area. Dreamscheme-Work Points and rewards for children and young people. Afterschool Education. Outdoors -old street games - cycling events. Education to improve and update C.V' writing on line -training -assistance to find employment. Counselling -job club.literacy and numeracy courses. The Friendship Club-Arm chair exercises for lonely & isolated Seniors. Buggy walks - jogging sessions They will be using their grant to go towards the cost of an older people's friendship club.

Their vision is to see young people empowered to take responsibility for solving problems by demonstrating leadership in their communities. Envision delivers a series of programmes with 14-19 year olds which promote citizenship amongst young people by organising programmes of educational value to: Advance the personal development of young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals; Provide positive approaches to social welfare and community cohesion; Advance volunteering, recognising and sharing excellence; Promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment for the public benefit; Promote equality and diversity for public benefit through activities which foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds; Work to advance the education of young people and adults, in particular those from socially or economically deprived communities. They will be using their grant to work with young people from Oasis Academy Brightstowe on a Community-Apprentice leadership programme.

Bristol Ladies Union Football Club
BLUFC provides the opportunity for girls and young women in North Bristol to play football and receive coaching from FA qualified coaches. They will be using their grant to go towards the running costs of the football club.



2013 Grant Recipients

We are delighted to offer grants to the following organisations:

Family Centre aims to bring together families living with deafness- those with a deaf child or deaf parent. This year, the charity will be starting a deaf youth service for young people aged 11 - 19, to provide 30 evening sessions and quarterly Saturday sessions. The youth service will help deaf young people in the region develop a strong and supportive peer group, whilst providing essential information in an accessible way. The sessions will focus on building confidence and self-esteem while allowing deaf young people to enjoy a range of activities and guest speakers, all with British Sign Language interpretation.

Home - Start Bristol would like to use their grant to arrange for volunteers and the families they support to attend an educational trip. Many of the families supported by the charity would not usually access such city resources due to feelings of isolation, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. The volunteers will be there to offer support, allowing families to access a superb resource which benefits both parents and children and create a memorable and special event for everyone involved.

St Werberghs City Farm has expanded across three sites over the past 34 years and developed a range of unique services to engage some of Bristol's most disadvantaged residents. The farm plans to use the grant from The Mall's Fountain Fund to develop a structured work experience scheme, offering high-quality, practical learning experiences for young people who are socially or economically disadvantaged. Each student will gain experience of working on a city farm, develop knowledge in animal care, conservation and construction and build practical skills, whilst working on their communication, independence and confidence.

Compass Point plan to use their grant to allow their Year 6 children to attend a school camp before they leave for secondary school. The grant will help to open the activity up to 12 children, most of whom have special educational needs, and also support families who are unable to fund the cost of the school trip allowing each child the opportunity to build life skills and independence.

169th Bristol Brentry Scout Group has decided to treat it's members to a PGL multi-activity camp in August and give them the opportunity to get out and enjoy a holiday they would otherwise not be able to afford. The scout group plan to use the Fountain Fund Grant to offset the cost and help make the trip affordable for the families of children attending.

Shrubberies School is a special educational needs school in Stone House. The school would like to provide students with a unique project, to keep chickens in the school grounds. The chicken project will combine science, work experience and food technology. After successfully hatching seven chicks, Shrubberies will be using their grant to buy an 'Eglu'. chicken home and run, allowing the students to watch their chicks grow and develop their chicken project into further curricular activities such as fundraising through egg selling, home economics and animal care.

Southern Brooks Community Partnership works with community groups to help them to achieve their potential. Supporting the local Coniston and Callicroft community, the scheme assists children with maths and English homework, whilst providing parents with tools to help their children learn at home. The community partnership will use their grant to purchase laptops for the centre, to encourage participation and provide equipment potentially not available to children at home.

Men in Sheds aims to reduce isolation in older men by providing a shed-like environment with a focus on socialising, sharing skills and learning new ones. . Shoulder to shoulder contact is seen as a more preferable method of engagement in the male population, allowing camaraderie and friendship to grow. The community allotment site has offered their 'shed' as an accessible fully equipped community room to carry out woodwork projects together. The grant will provide the tools necessary to produce wooden items from sourced re-usable timber to benefit the community.
(website not yet available)

West of England MS Therapy Centre Offers a range of complimentary therapies, services and counselling, the centre supports people affected by Multiple Sclerosis in the West of England; alleviating some of their distressing symptoms and encouraging them to remain fit, active and mobile for as long as possible. Retaining mobility is challenging to many people with MS, however regular on going Physiotherapy sessions help people keep the use of their muscles for as long as possible helping them to keep mobile. The centre plans to use its grant to fund a weekly one-to-one neuro-physiotherapy session for a full year.

Hanham Community Centre offers a range of activities including toddler groups, keep fit, art classes and drama groups, the centre has also been providing free internet access to the community for several years, Sadly their PC is no longer working, meaning that many of their members are missing out. The Community Centre is planning to purchase a new computer to allow their members to continue to use the internet free of charge, and wish to use the grant to cover the cost of the new equipment.

Swallow provides supported housing, allowing people with learning disabilities to live independently. The scheme also organises social events, bringing people together to have fun and offer mutual support. Following the success fo the paralympics, members have been inspired to take up a range of sports and the group would like to use the grant to provide members with access to weekly swimming sessions at the Midsomer Norton Leisure Centre.



2012 Grant Recipients

We are delighted to offer grants to the following organisations:

Knowle West Health Association has recently taken on 1.3 acre land on an allotment site in Knowle West. The aim is to get local people involved in growing fruit and vegetables and to live healthier lives. They would like this grant of £1,000 to go towards the cost of a polytunnel, which will help to provide fresh produce to the Community Kitchen run at Filwood Community Centre as well as to the local community through a local salad bag / vegetable box scheme operated by the Edible Landscape Movement (ELM). This would also provide a safe haven for people to learn new skills that benefit them in employment.

Our Place would like to hold a summer youth event for local young people aged 13 to 19. During the daytime Our Place aims to provide various taster sessions to give the young people living in this Priority Neighbourhood the opportunity to experience and join in activities they would not normally be able to do. Together with the local youth, Our Place will use the grant of £765 to organise a 'Staple Hill's Got Talent' evening. We have the support of the local police, church groups and youth leaders who will all be helping to make this a superb event.

Patchway Centre Pre-School will use their grant of £1,000 to purchase safety mats for the 2-3 year old room, for the children to roll and jump, and to place around the slide. The centre would also like to purchase coat trolleys.

The Amberley Road Church Women's Group supports older, local women by running social activity sessions. Amberley Road Church Women's Group would like to use this grant of £698 to pay for speakers, outings, and craft materials and other social activity expenses.

St Werburghs Community Association plan to use their grant of £968 to continue supporting the weekly Tai Chi classes for disadvantaged, older people. The project started in summer 2010, and since September 2011 participants contribute £3 per class. This grant will mean that we are able to contribute to the remaining costs of the classes and ensure that no one is turned away due to lack of funds and that the project is open to people from all over Bristol. The classes are delivered by an experienced teacher who understands the needs of the older people. 'These hour long sessions are wonderful for the whole body. Dennison guides each individual through the different moves, enables us to feel calm and peaceful and encourages us with his positive presence. I can already feel my body becoming stronger and balanced and look forward every week to these Friday's with Dennison.' A. Dempsey, 79

Silver Cyclists is a Life Cycle UK project which helps older people to stay active and remain independent through cycling. Many older people tell Life Cycle UK that they feel isolated and lonely. Many would like to cycle but lack the confidence to go independently. The Silver Cyclist project gives encouragement and support to keep people active and healthy in older age. Life Cycle UK organises friendly, relaxed and all-ability group bicycle rides in local communities. Rides not only offer participants a gentle but regular chance to exercise and stay active but also, an environment where older people can make new friends based in their local area and feel part of a community. Life Cycle UK is planning to use the £525 grant from The Mall's Fountain Fund to run 10 Silver Cyclist rides in Easton during 2012.

Travelling Light Theatre Company would like to use their £1,000 grand to support the production costs of their inaugural Youth Theatre triple bill in July 2012. The groups of 12-14 year olds and 15-20 year olds will be producing two short plays, while the 8 -11 year olds will be producing a short film under the common starting point of 'My Urban Home'. This theme has emerged through collaboration with a PHD student from the University of Bristol on a project inspired by the Ken Loach film Cathy come Home, which explores homelessness, unemployment and other barriers young people face as they try to find their way in the world.

Cruse Bereavement Care Bristol would like use the £1,000 grant to fund home visits to bereaved people who have mobility problems or who, for some other reason such as an anxiety disorders, find it hard to access our counselling rooms. The visits offer a series of one-to-one support sessions of one hour each with a trained volunteer.

Kinergy aims to provide 20 group therapy sessions for up to 10 clients. These sessions allow survivors of sexual abuse, and/or rape benefit both socially and psychologically from the support of a professional organisation and from the social support of other members of the group. The £1,000 grant will be used to fund weekly .5 hours sessions for 20 weeks. The sessions speed clients' reintegration into society and the local community, and provide a gentle, gradual exit from the counselling world.

Patchway Community Association is an old but very busy community building. The regeneration project will carry out works to ensure that the building is a safe and welcoming place for the local and surrounding communities. With 27 original 1940's, single glazed windows around the building, the Patchway Community Association would like to use their £1,000 grant to replace 2 more of the windows in the room that hosts the luncheon club for the elderly, Alcohol anonymous, P.H.A.B and keep fit for the disabled.

Southville Community Development Association would like to use their £1,000 grant to install two water heaters in the Lower Hall. This area of the building does not currently have effective running hot water and hosts many groups, including the after school club, holiday play scheme, toddler group and community classes/groups. The installation of these water heaters will make a huge difference to the staff and will allow a greater range of activities for the community.



2011 Grant Recipients

We are delighted to offer grants to the following organisations:

Independent People will use their £900 grant to provide start up kits called IndyKits for 18 young people being housed for the first time. Each kit costs £50 and consists of a duvet, pillow, towel, cutlery, crockery, a kettle or toaster and cleaning equipment.

Ashton Gate Out of School wish to improve their resources and facilities for disabled young children and will use their £902 grant to purchase a variety of outdoor toys. Families which register with Ashton Gate Out of school have very little access to play provision and out of school child care so they would benefit greatly from it. Having new outdoor equipment will ensure all children can enjoy outdoor play and can develop their gross motor skills (eg balancing on a rocking board) and social skills.

Awaz Utaoh is a community safety organisation which works with and for people from the black and minority ethnic communities and specifically with the South Asian communities located within the inner city of Bristol and wider area. They will use their £1000 grant to create for weekly self defence workshops for vulnerable South Asian women to increase women's self esteem.

Bath Junior Gateway Club is a social club for disabled, special needs and able-bodies children who often have difficulty enjoying a full social life outside school. They will use their £1000 grant to continue running day trips during the holiday periods. The grant would enable them to run 10 subsidised trips allowing every child the opportunity to take part and cover the cost of the volunteers helping on the trip.

Carers Centre B&NES will be using their £920 grant to provide fortnightly respite sessions for carers that have learning disabilities themselves as well as them providing care for a seriously ill or disabled relative. The respite session would allow carers to spend time together with other carers with similar experiences and learn more about the conditions of their cared for relatives and coping skills.

Friends of Hannah More Primary School will be using their £860 grant to broaden horizons and extend opportunities for local families through organising supported visits to Bristol's museums for families who do not currently venture outside their immediate neighbourhood; these visits would support and encourage families to access new places.

Lawrence Weston Young Action is an umbrella group for community groups working with young people in Lawrence Weston to improve outcomes for local young people. They will be using their £988 grant to run a scooter club in the hall of Lawrence Weston Youth Centre.

North Somerset Crossroads will be using their £985 grant to take a group of 16 young carers on a residential trip to Goblin Combe Environment centre. The children will take part in outdoor activities that will help them build self-esteem including: cooking, den building, campfire building. the children also have time and space to talk to adults from the Young Carers Team.

Penpole Tenants Association is a luncheon club for elderly and disabled people. They will be putting their £250 grant towards transport costs for the club each week for picking up our elderly and disabled members. Without this facility, many would not be able to attend.

Friends of Jubilee Green will be using their £397 grant to help develop their pond so it can sustain wildlife, is safe for residents to explore as well as adding living willow tunnel fence and a community vegetable garden.

Penathlon Foundation will be using their £750 grant to provide coaching activities for St Nicholas Special School in Chippenham in preparation for their involvement in the Panathlon Challenge. The Panathlon Challenge is multi-sport event for children with severe or complex learning difficulties and all the sports included are adapted to the children's needs. The activity will involve a coaching session for the children and training session for staff and carers so they can develop the work.

St Pauls Carnival will be using their £500 grant to go towards creating a special activity area in Mandela's Hideaway during St Pauls Carnival which will include Bristol playbus, bouncy castle, adventure playground, African dance workshops, martial arts workshops, face painting/henna painting, art and craft workshops.

Vision North Somerset will be using their £300 grant to go towards the cost of a specialised counselling service for people with severe sight loss in North Somerset.



2010 Grant Recipients

We are delighted to offer grants to the following organisations:

Avon North Mencap will use its grant of £400 to provide new IT equipment for The Hive, a new drop-in centre for people with learning disabilities in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Rangeworthy Pre-School Playgroup has been awarded £615 to provide an extending/retractable safety fence around the playground to encourage outdoor play.

The Travelling Light Theatre Company will apply its £400 grant towards production and rehearsal costs for a month-long Youth Theatre performance at the Arnolfini in July.

One 25, which reaches out to women trapped in street sex work in Bristol, received £500 to provide some of their beneficiaries and their children with the rare opportunity of a summer outing.

Avon Youth Association has been given £450 to develop a pilot of accredited ASDAN learning work with young people across Bristol.

BAND will use its £173 grant to buy a new range of books for its Resource Library that is used by member groups and schools.

Barton Hill Settlement received £500 to purchase specialist play equipment to enhance opportunities for play in Barton Hill and the surrounding area.

Downend Police & Community Amateur Boxing Club has been awarded a grant of £375 to replace its old gym punch bags. The bags take a battering three evenings a week and every Sunday and urgently need replacing.

Filton Camera Club will use its £300 grant to purchase a laptop so members can make full use of the Club's digital projector.

The Stroud Junior Group, part of Gloucestershire Young Carers, received a grant of £530 to help cover transport costs. For many young carers, especially those caring for adults, transport is a big issue.

Home-Start Bristol was awarded £420 to provide six Toy Kits which are offered to families facing difficulties. Each kit costs £70 and includes educational books and toys.

View Point Action Group will use its £350 grant to run a 10 week healthy eating project in Southmead, Bristol. The project encourages healthy food choices and teaches young people how to prepare different types of food.



2009 Grant Recipients

The Mall's Fountain Charity Fund 2009 Grant Recipients

We are delighted to offer grants to the following organisations:

1st Bulwark Guides from Newport, South Wales which has received a grant for £315 to replace worn-out tents used on residential/outdoor activities.

4th Portishead Brownies & Rainbows, a new group in the Marina area of the town, applied for a grant to help purchase new play and sports equipment such as play parachutes, hoops and skipping ropes and balls and beanbags. They received £230.

Aust Village Hall Trust will use its grant of £938 to buy new tables and chairs for this well-used community facility.

Bristol Children's Playhouse in Eastville received £525 to replace toys at its drop-in centre. A wish-list of toys was put together by parents and children.

The Bristol Mother & Baby Project in South Bristol was awarded £998 to run Peer Early Education groups for parents and young children. The grant will be used to buy toys, waterplay equipment and arts and crafts materials.

Coniston Community Association, a social and educational group for young people with special needs in north Bristol, received £500 for resources including arts and crafts equipment, games, computer console and sports equipment.

The Rainbow Centre successfully applied for a grant of £403 to replace their failing dishwasher. This centre provides care and support for children and families affected by life-limiting illness.

Second Step Housing Association will use its grant of £415 within its Allotment Group to pay their rent, buy seeds, fruit bushes and manure and a poly-tunnel for growing salad crops.

The SWALLOW group in Midsomer Norton received a grant of £500 to run a drama group exploring issues such as human rights, loss, change and bullying.

The Yate Opportunity Group, which offers respite to parents of children with special needs, received £762 for flooring in its newly-refurbished parent's room.

The West of England Schools Sailing Association received £698 for new buoyancy aids for disadvantaged children who enjoy sailing in Bristol Docks.

Following consultation with local youngsters and residents, Our Place, based in Staple Hill, applied for a grant to provide more sporting activities and equipment. They received £750.

Crisis Centre Ministries, which works with homeless and vulnerable people and those with a history of addiction, requested a grant to cover its membership fee of FareShare, which distributes surplus food to charitable organisations. It received £900.

Avon Counselling & Psychotherapy Service received £1,044 towards counselling sessions for single parents.



2008 Grant Recipients

The Mall's Fountain Charity Fund
2008 Grant Recipients

Cruse Bereavement Care will use its £1,000 grant to provide badly-needed new carpets for its Bristol city centre office. The charity supports 1,000 people each year with face to face counselling, telephone support, home visits and drop-in groups.

The Staple Hill Methodist Youth Project plans to use its grant to help towards the costs of running its spring/summer programme. The Y-Zone youth club, which started in 2006, provides a much-needed resource for local 11-17 year olds who benefit from learning new skills such as video-making and MCing.

Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group runs a weekly tutored gardening group for local people. The group has 10 regular members who, with the support of a tutor, have developed the confidence to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables which they take home to supplement their meals. The charity, which secured a £970 grant to cover the cost of the tutor, the hire of the land and facilities, seeds and compost, also runs cookery courses, an affordable food cooperative and children's activities.

A £998 grant went to the Hop Skip Jump Play and Support Centre in Kingswood. The charity runs a multi-sensory room to help develop and reassure children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses. The grant will allow the charity to buy a fibre-optic lilly and strands, one of several new features required for the room.

Locking Pre-School Playgroup near Weston Super Mare received £400 to erect a gate and fence outside its hall to provide a secure area for children to play outside.

The Centre for Deaf People in Bristol will use its £600 grant to fund days out and other outdoor activities for adults. It will also be used on educational materials to help them find work.

Congresbury Community Pre-School has successfully raised enough money to buy a new portakabin and will use its £200 grant to buy a rug for its reading corner.

The Four Towns Play Association in South Gloucestershire will use its £500 to buy new play equipment.

The Indigo Project which works with young people who self-harm has received a second grant of £480 to pay the contract for a mobile phone support service.

Kingswood Furniture Project received £210 for a new computer monitor and office blinds.

Little Stoke Youth Centre received £650 as a contribution towards essential equipment needed for its project to equip a recording studio.

Our Place, which works with disadvantaged people in the Staple Hill area of Bristol, requested funding for new board games and art materials for a day centre for 24 vulnerable older people. They received £200.

Project 97 received £750 for a new computer and printer.

Rainbow Tots in Easton, a new parent and toddler group, received £500 to provide new toys.

Tytherington Pre-School near Thornbury received £681 for a new book display unit and storage.

Yate Opportunity Group is a small community group offering five play sessions a week for young children with disabilities. They received £400 to buy new equipment for its newly-refurbished kitchen.



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